Leasing Origami in the Garden

ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN is currently available for lease to Public Gardens and Museums in North America for 3-6 month periods. Exhibition options may include Unveiling a New Sculpture, identifying Paper Making Plants, organized Artist Events and educational programing such as Film PreviewsArtist LecturesPaper Folding Workshops and Paper Making Workshops. The exhibition includes a free audio tour available through audience owned cell phones.

ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN can be leased in two exhibition sizes:
The OiG Monumental Show includes 13 large-scale outdoor sculptures & 8 pieces for an interior educational exhibit, ‘Inside Out’. In addition, gardens may choose to lease Master Peace, a 25 foot tall sculpture of 1,000 stainless steel origami peace cranes. 500 of the cranes gather together in the monument and 500 are scattered into the world as individual collector pieces. These sculptures require heavy equipment for installation. In addition, View our online catalog: OiG Catalog.

The OiG FLORAGAMI Show is a heroic scaled installation of over 50 sculptures creating 13-15 displays that debuted at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2022. Emerging butterflies, big birds, grazing deer, and blooming flowers all celebrate the process of plant pollination. The colorful, whimsical and kinetic sculptures were created in collaboration with modern masters of paper folding: Robert J. Lang, Michael G. LaFosse and Beth Johnson.

Inside Out is an interior exhibition that can accompany both Origami in the Garden exhibitions. Inside Out displays original paper models by world renowned origami artists.

For leasing information Contact us or call us at 505-471-4688.