Origami is the Japanese word for folding paper. ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN is an outdoor traveling exhibition created by American artists Jennifer and Kevin Box that captures the delicate nature of this paper art form in museum quality metals. The exhibition features Box’s own compositions as well as collaborations with world renowned origami artists Te Jui Fu, Beth Johnson, Michael G. LaFosse and Robert J. Lang.

ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN can be experienced in two exhibition sizes. The larger Monumental show and the smaller Fundamental show.

OiG Monumental Show has over 20 large-scale sculptures. Flying birds, emerging butterflies, floating boats and soaring paper airplanes are just a few of the subjects featured in the show. The crown jewel of the exhibition is Master Peace, a 25 foot tall sculpture of 1,000 stainless steel origami peace cranes. 500 of the cranes gather together in the monument and 500 are scattered into the world as individual collector pieces. A black granite base (or pond) below the monument serves as a mirror that reflects all 1,000 cranes keeping them together forever. Seeing this work of art in person is a powerful experience.
Santa Fe Botanical Gardens – 2014
Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden – 2015
Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens – 2016
Artis-Naples, Home of the Baker Museum and Naples Philharmonic – 2016-17
Naples Botanical Garden – 2016-17
The Morton Arboretum – 2017
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – 2018
Turquoise Trail Sculpture Garden – 2019
Missouri Botanical Garden – 2021

View our online catalog of OrigamiintheGarden, the Monumental Exhibition: OiG Catalog.

OiG² Fundamental Show is a smaller scaled installation of 15 sculptures that can be installed by hand.
Tucson Botanical Gardens – 2017-18
Lewis-Ginter Botanical Garden – 2018
Memphis Botanic Garden – 2018
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden – 2018-19
Dow Gardens – 2019
Cape Fear Botanical Garden – 2019
Wellfield Botanic Gardens – 2021
Reiman Gardens – 2021

View our online catalog of OrigamiintheGarden² the Fundamental Exhibition: OiG Catalog.

Inside Out is an accompanying exhibition that features original origami masterworks in paper alongside cast metal maquettes used to create OrigamiintheGarden. These folded and unfolded works provide a more intimate view of origami on and beneath the surface.

Watch: a short video of OrigamiintheGarden at: OiG Video.
                a longer video documentary by NOVA called The Origami Revolution.

Experience: a virtual tour of OrigamiintheGarden at Naples Botanical Garden.
                         a virtual tour of the studio and sculpture garden where OrigamiintheGarden is created.